Italian artfair Artissima 2020 canceled

07. Okt. 2020 in Kunstmarkt, News

Artissima 2017

Artissima 2017

After careful monitoring and analysis of the latest developments in the health situation in Europe, Artissima has made the decision to cancel the fair’s traditional presentation of international and Italian galleries at Turin’s Oval Lingotto, planned from 5th to 8th November 2020. Upholding the fair’s commitment to the city and its galleries, Artissima will, however, continue to develop an alternative physical programme – conceived with Fondazione Torino Musei – and digital projects, to be inaugurated on the original dates. This will be an opportunity for both the city and its visitors to discover, admire and deepen their knowledge of contemporary art.

Ilaria Bonaco , Courtesy Artissima

Ilaria Bonacossa , Courtesy Artissima

Artissima’s director, Ilaria Bonacossa: „In our previous communications we had confirmed our will and the possibility, in compliance with current regulations and with all the necessary precautions, to open the physical fair from 5 to 8 November, at the Oval Lingotto Fiere pavilion, with the participation of 125 galleries from Italy and abroad. However, the Italian and European health situation – which we have been constantly monitoring in order to organise the event in complete safety – continues to record a negative trend that has led us to carefully reassess the timing and arrangements of the 2020 edition of the fair. The sudden changes in the circumstances and the consequent uncertainty force us today not to proceed with the set-up of Artissima in the standard format and, instead, to picture new ways to physically present art in Turin with our usual determination and will.“
During the preparatory months preceding the event, Artissima worked on the logistics related to the access and use of the fair pavilion, implementing all the necessary measures to ensure full safety and compliance with the anti-COVID regulations in force for both operators and visitors. The decision to change the event in its conventional format was made due to several factors including international travel constrictions, rising cases in Europe and other uncertainties as a result of the pandemic.
These uncertainties, which include the imminent introduction of further travel limitations or the reduction of maximum capacity allowance for large gatherings, prevent an event such as Artissima from guaranteeing its visitors the full experience they are accustomed to.
The month of November will be an opportunity for Artissima to launch experimental and innovative projects which both collectors and enthusiasts have witnessed throughout the previous editions. Artissima’s digital catalogue, built in 2017 and continuously updated in its usability, will be accompanied by the launch of a new cross-media platform – ARTISSIMA XYZ – which will host the three curated sections of the fair Present Future, Back to the Future, and Disegni (Drawings) from 3 November to 9 December 2020. (Press Release)

For the 2020 edition, the sections Present Future (curated by Ilaria Gianni and Fernanda Brenner), Back to the Future (curated by Lorenzo Giusti and Mouna Mekouar) and Disegni (curated by Letizia Ragaglia and Bettina Steinbrügge) will exist on the platform Artissima XYZ online from 3 November to 9 December 2020. Supported by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Artissima XYZ has been formulated in continuity with Artissima Digital, the digital ecosystem of the fair since 2017.